A team without unity among it, is a team that will lack success.





About Us
About Us

In September 2015 the team Cipher 5874 was created in Tecmilenio University Campus Nuevo Laredo when a group of students decided to join forces to create a FRC team.  It was a risky move since nobody of us had participated in anything remotely similar to this. The inscription, the low confidence in some team members and the lack of help from anyone with experience with this made it seem like an uphill battle. We were literally investing a lot of time to a project where we had little chance of success, but our desire to participate in something as big as FIRST was what kept us get going.
The first months were really hard, there were times where it seemed that hope was lost and the team was a lost cause. Even some team members quit the team when the road seemed bleak, but they were others who despite this, gave the best of them to keep the team moving in the right direction.  It was thanks to this people that the team survived up to the payment day where we received the opportunity to apply for a grant to pay for our inscription.

Thankfully we were chosen for the grant, meaning that our team was officially participating in the First Robotics Competition 2016. It was after this that our team started to experience a process of stability, where everyone recovered their hope in the project and when we began to work as a real team with a concrete mission: to give the best of us and to represent our city in international tournament.
Beginning January, due to financial restrictions (we were still looking for new and effective ways to make money) only three members attended the Kickoff held in the city of Toluca. It was here when we realized how big and fun FIRST really is, it was a whole new experience for us where you get to meet new people and learn in unique ways. After returning to our home city of Nuevo Laredo, we began to work on our Kit of parts and realized something: we needed more team members.

Trials were made where we selected new students who were willing to be part of Cipher. There were some who couldn’t make it, but there were other who prove to be useful in the team, especially in the business area.
By Season 2015/2016 we were a team composed of 24 students which 19 of them are male and the rest are females, and 3 coaches. We are ready to participate in future seasons of FRC and to prove relatives and strangers alike that our team is capable of big things.


We are currently working to be a strong and competitive team, if we want to inspire others to be like us, first we got to be a role model to other students can aspire to be. While a part of the team works on the robot, and everything related with the challenge, another part is in charge of spreading the word, getting the community involved on what we are working on.

Our mission is to be a competitive team at the national and international levels and leave high the name of our institution and city. 

We want our community to be proud of our work. 


Our vision is to inspire young people to get interested in this kind of competitions. We are sure that there are kids out there who are interested in robotics, but have no idea that participating in one is not that hard. If we convince students from lower grades to invest their time and effort, even if it is one student at the time, we might change the place we live for better. Because FIRST is more than just robots, FIRST gives you a sense of responsibility you rarely find anywhere else.